Email Setup Instructions

Setup Options


Once you receive the details of your new email address and password you should follow the following instructions. If you have any questions, please contact

How you choose to access your emails is up to you. There are 3 options detailed below which should give you a suitable method of using your account.

  1. Webmail
    • All emails will be addressed TO and FROM your BWDS email account
  2. Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop Email Client
    • All emails will be addressed TO and FROM your BWDS email account
  3. Forwarding to a personal email address
    • Emails will be sent TO your BWDS account but delivered to your personal email address.
    • Emails you send will all be sent from your personal address, NOT BWDS.
    • Emails will not be stored by our email system.

However you choose to access your emails, please read the details below carefully to ensure that you know how the account will work.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Log In to the Gmail Website

  1. Go to
  2. From the button at the top-right, Sign In
    • If you are already logged into a Google Account you can click on your user Icon at the top-left and select Add Account.
  3. Use the log in details sent to you separately.
  4. If this if your first login you should be asked to change your password. Please change it to something secure that you will remember.
  5. This will display your inbox. It will probably have a welcome message in it or be empty.

Step 2: Choose your Access Method

Method 1: Webmail

Use Step 1 above each time you read/send emails. This is how you would access your emails on a day-to-day basis.

You can manage your personal settings at the top-right of the page by clicking the Cog Icon and choose Settings. Under the General Tab are the main settings and the most useful is the first item where changing Language to English (UK) will also set the date format to dd/mm/yyyy.

Method 2: Smart Phone, Tablet or Email Client

If you would like to access your emails on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Email Client (Outlook, Mail etc.) then follow these instructions.

  1. Amend your Account Settings
    • Log into the Gmail website as detailed in Step 1.
    • Click the Cog Icon and choose Settings.
    • Choose the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab
    • Under IMAP Access: click to Enable IMAP. Leave the other settings as Default.
    • Click ‘Save Settings’
  2. Set up your deviceAll devices differ in their Settings however most will have automated settings for Gmail accounts. You can set this up yourself (ensuring you select IMAP if asked) using standard Gmail settings.

    If you need assistance, please use Google’s help page which can be found following the instructions below:

    • Click the Cog Icon and choose Settings.
    • Choose the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab
    • Under IMAP Access: See the last item ‘Configure your email client’ & click ‘Configuration Instructions’.
    • On the new page tick ‘I want to enable IMAP.
      • You should have already completed the first item so scroll down and choose the device that you are setting up.
    • Follow the instructions from Google to complete the setup.

Using IMAP will allow you to use multiple devices if you wish and will still allow you to log into the Gmail website to view your emails online (Method 1) at any time.

Method 3: Forwarding to a personal email address

NOTE: If you choose this method you will not be able to use Webmail to access your emails.

  • Click the Cog Icon and choose Settings,
  • Choose the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab,
  • Under Forwarding, click ‘Add Forwarding Address’,
  • Enter the email address you wish to receive your emails at
    • Check the address in the pop-up and click Confirm
  • You will receive an email at the address you entered, open this email and click the link to confirm the request.
    • Click Confirm again.
  • Reload your Gmail web page.
  • Go to the Settings again, and back to the Forwarding section,
    • Select ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to…’ and pick your email address
    • In the 2nd drop down please choose “Delete Basingstoke West District Scouts Mail’s copy”.
    • Please do not choose any other option here as all stored mail uses up space in our allowance and users with forwarding are unlikely to regularly delete copies.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes

“Out of Office” Auto-reply

If you are going away or are not going to be reading your emails for a while we recommend you use the Auto-Responder function to tell anyone who contacts you that there may be a delay before you read the message.

You can set it up as follows:

  • Click the Cog Icon and choose Settings,
  • Under the General tab, scroll to the bottom
  • Turn ‘Out of Office AutoReply On’
  • Complete start and end date of your time away.
    • If you do not specify an end date the auto-reply will continue until you turn it off.
  • Fill in the email that will be sent
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Email Problems

If you have any problems with you emails, please contact giving as much detail of the problem as possible.