Nights Away

BWDS Nights away team support BWDS leaders with their Nights away events. If you have any questions or issues please contact the ADC Activities in the first instance.

All NANs for BWDS District and NAP enquiries should be sent to Bob Cooper (ADC Activities) at
To assist with verification of your permit please include your Permit Number on your NAN form/mail.

Latest NAP and NAN information is available on – Nights away permit scheme.

Nights Away Notification

If any members under the age of 18yrs are spending a night away from home on a Scouting activity, a Nights Away Notification must be submitted.
For BWDS, the NAN should be sent by the Section or Unit Leader (not necessarily the NAP Holder) to Bob Cooper (ADC Activities) as delegated by the District Commissioner –

Scout Association Nights Away Information Page

Direct Link to Form NAN

Nights Away Calendar

This calendar shows all Nights Away currently registered with the ADC Activities.

Use this calendar to see what other groups and sections are doing for inspiration or ideas for your section. You will also be able to see if someone is going to a site you are planning to use and could get feedback & comments to help you plan your future events.

The District Nights Away Calendar is only visible to registered users logged into this website. Please login or Register to view the calendar and other leader information.